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Tomorrow's India is the country's exclusive platform for businesses and entrepreneurs who are ready for globalization.

India is land of diverse cultures and carries with it the strength of its eager and energetic youth, start-ups, MSMEs and corporate businesses. With this strength, we envision to create a world where different countries, across lands and seas, come together to discover opportunities in the fields of Business, Culture and Knowledge, with India being at the forefront.

While showcasing India's entrepreneurial strength and academic excellence within a cultural framework, it also offers a perfect dais for intercountry collaborations, joint ventures and tie-ups.

We aim for Globalization, we foresee a new Economic Order, we dream the Change.

Join the moment of pride, represent India.



hp singh

“My country has been very good to me; I must be good to my country.” - Walter Annenberg

The pause for thought came on August 15, 2015, when I envisioned a world offering an exclusive platform to businesses and entrepreneurs who are ready for globalization with India being at the forefront. That’s how the idea of Tomorrow’s India emanated.

With approximately 1.2 billion people, India is the world’s largest democracy and second largest country by population. But how do we use this resource to drive results? The notion is simple – by reaching out to the untapped economies and “Showcasing India” to the World.

Our global initiative is inspired by a great purpose – a purpose which lets your mind transcend limitations and you find yourself in a whole new ecosphere with different partner countries on board, helping you grow, without being limited by any geographic boundaries.

Our endeavour is to ensure that each member country derives the maximum number of opportunities in terms of joint ventures, intercountry collaborations, business tie-ups or investments and witnesses many more such glorious chapters going ahead – creating a whole new economic order.

We have identified 3 vital pillars: BUSINESS, where we promote youth, MSMEs, start-ups and big corporate houses; KNOWLEDGE, where we aim to give education a whole new holistic approach and CULTURE where we create a fusion of intercountry performances never seen before.

We were successful in Singapore and Korea, with key participation from other countries like Japan, Korea, Zimbabwe, Australia and Finland.

Join the Walk, Be Global and Represent India!

H P Singh


Tomorrow’s India was created and is being managed by Global Social (India) Foundation, a not-for-profit company. Incorporated on 24 August 2015, it is classified as an Indian Non-Government Company, registered with the Registrar of Companies, Delhi.






    Neha Dey has over 8 years of corporate experience and has worked for some of the leading companies in India. Holding a Masters in Brain Science and a diploma in Outbound Marketing, she has rich experience in Product Launches, Events, Content Development, Digital Marketing, Creative Account handling and Media Buying. As a Head-Marketing & Planning, she is with Tomorrow’s India since its inception and dreams to grow with it with her qualities of boundless enthusiasm, out of the box ideas and hardworking skills.

  • Khushboo Sehdev SENIOR MANAGER - SALES View Profile

    Khushboo has 8+ yrs. of expertise to demonstrate abilities in implementing strategies for augmenting business, identifying and penetrating new market segments, promoting brand for business excellence with experience in Corporate Sales & Marketing, Networking, Public Relation, Business Development & Client Management. Multiple Corporate Industry exposure in International, Domestic, Governmental and Non – Profit sectors majorly with leading fortune 500 companies.

    Completed Business Tourism studies followed by Masters in core American and Australian English with exposure in International market such as UK, Africa, Australia, Singapore & France.

    Altruism person who loves to travel and believe in exploring as she carries a deep reverence for knowledge.

    She believes: What stops you – That’s right, no one except you.

  • Arshi Syed MANAGER - COORDINATION View Profile

    Arshi has completed her MBA in Sales and Marketing. She has over 8 years of corporate experience in the field of operations, research and sales support. Arshi spends her idle time in learning new things. She loves to travel and aspires to travel the world and gorge on all the cuisines that the different places have. Desserts are her personal favorite. Her interests also lie in painting and Sketching.

  • Devika Kundu MANAGER - EVENT MARKETING View Profile

    Devika is an MBA graduate with 5+ years of work experience in the field of Business Exhibition & Conference. Devika manages the Operation – Admin jobs for the Event along with a short involvement in Client Servicing – Marketing. Her interest includes Creative Arts, Travel and Social Networking.

  • Karandeep Arora MANAGER - EVENT MARKETING View Profile

    Born and brought up in a core Punjabi culture, Kd completed her masters in PR and mass communication along with her job as Pr consultant with fashion and lifestyle start-up. In 4 years of experience with events and marketing she has never stopped living her interest of traveling, celebrating life and taking risks. Being with Tomorrow’s India, she is enhancing her expertise of digital marketing along with client servicing.


    Arnab is a post graduate in the field of International Business, with a work experience of over 7 years in the industry and has international exposure from several Asian & European locations. With a highly versatile and dynamic personality, Arnab has an inclination towards dance & musical instruments. A great conversationalist and has a confident personality with lot of skills within.