A good intent precedes a good deed and a good deed brings about a great change. With this philosophy as its founding stone, Tomorrow’s India Global Summit enters in its Edition 4 in 2018. Asia’s longest running global platform which fosters business excellence, cultural amalgamation and knowledge exchange, Tomorrow’s India is at the helm of catalysing the next big revolution of this world with India at its centre.

This philanthropic wing of the Global Social (India) Foundation, Tomorrow’s India took to its wings with its thoughtful platform in 2016, at Singapore. With a clear objective of opening up the Indian entrepreneurial scope to the globe, the first edition made a mark in history by bringing in 200 Small and Medium Enterprises from both the countries. As larger treasury of possibilities were discovered with this first ever feat, more than 350 Business leaders and 100 Heads of Indian businesses made the stage thump with a prosperous future in sight, along with delegates from Australia, Japan, South Korea and many more. Knowledge pools were inundated with intellects as students from leading B-schools took part in young entrepreneurial sessions delving deeper into the scope of business. Stronger ties and flourishing promises wrapped up the opening of a life-long affair.

Singapore gave an overwhelming response. So the very year, Tomorrow’s India travelled farther East with its second edition - Korea. The country with one of the highest post-graduation rates in the world, Korean ties with India were incepted to bring in opportunities in enormity for both the nations. In numbers greater than 100 business delegates and 40 students from India made way to the South East Asian giant with the 2-day Summit along with many from Australia, Ethiopia, Indonesia, South Africa, Singapore, Japan and a few more nations. As international investors thronged the platform, Tomorrow’s India’s initiative helped secure funding for numerous promising start-ups - further tapping in a $10 billion opportunity in Korea.

With footprints of magnitude scattered across nations and participation from multiple continents, Tomorrow’s India came back to India, at New Delhi, with its catch of knowledge and fruitful ties. In its third Edition, Tomorrow’s India pitched to this country and the world to ‘BE INDIA FOR A DAY’. In a first for a summit of this scale, more than 70 speakers ignited the fiery minds of the youth. Every ‘never-before’ was accomplished this time as doctors from three different schools of medicine – Allopathy, Homeopathy and Ayurveda – all were brought together on one pedestal. Statesmen, lawyers, actors, politicians, thespians, designers, scientists, doctors, farmers, musicians, journalists and every other walk of life converged on a single stage for an entire day. Thinkers got their fodder of thoughts and doers took home stories of great deeds. With felicitation of achievers and many brave hearts, New Delhi chapter of Tomorrow’s India was soon a wildfire of the nation – all over the media and certainly in the young minds.

It is now time for the fourth edition and the stakes are pegged higher than ever before. Tomorrow’s India brings back its global platform at New Delhi again in 2018. The potentials have soared the skies and the call of duty is larger than life. This year Tomorrow’s India Global Summit has blown the bugle to awaken each one of more than 1.25 billion nation to seize the opportunity of the century. The stage will be once again open to stories of heroics and achievements. The platform will once again offer thoughts that will fuel the youth to its next milestone. The discussions will evoke emotions that will make us move, for the present and the future alike. The performances will make us believe and strengthen our roots. The date is out for all to keep a note – October 06, 2018 at New Delhi. It is an ode to our countrymen and women to arise and act for the course of destiny of our Motherland. It is an urge to drive this nation to its glorious future – from India to Tomorrow’s India.

Let’s all be a part of the change in action. Let’s all be a part of Tomorrow’s India.

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Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony: A flashback of our earlier editions - starting with Singapore by Krisna on Sitar (a Singaporean artist playing the Indian instrument) 
Followed by Republic of Korea, a flashback by Chung Eun Han on Flute (a Korean artist playing the Indian instrument)
And finally the Indian edition, a journey relived by Gaurav Kotian on Jal Tarang (an Indian artist playing the Indian instrument glass harp)
Followed by the gala beginning by three artists along with Govin Tan, a Singaporean Tabla Artist. 



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