COMING FULL CIRCLE – IndoSoul goes to Singapore

Karthick Iyer Live is performing on the 25th of January at Oorja, a part of Tomorrow’s India – an entrepreneurial summit that focuses on developing international collaboration in diverse fields like business, education and culture. It is a mission that meshes well with who we are.

Preparing to perform in Singapore, it is hard not to look back at the last time I was there. Four years back, I played a solo violin rendition for the World Tamil University Youth Conference 2012 at NUS, Singapore. Today, I feel like my musical journey has come full circle in returning to the same country with a complete band and a well-received album coupled with the aim of expanding the ethos of IndoSoul at the prestigious Drama Centre.

In Oorja, we will be delving into the energy that flows from the seamless synthesis of diverse elements and the creation of novel and experimental sounds. It is a way of erasing boundaries, finding a common connect and expressing our own unique understanding of the essence of music. We will be doing this by collaborating with Singapore-based pianist Sam Bedi known for his soulful playing.

We're excited about playing this concert, since Sam and his team in Singapore bring a very pure and soulful sound, and we are looking forward to the synthesis of our distinctive styles. In a way, the concert reflects what Tomorrow’s India is looking to do with both the cultures - identifying ways to bring them together and build a common platform for equal and open collaboration. We look to taking the IndoSoul spirit forward by merging cultural boundaries and unmasking the underlying unifying power of music.