Tomorrow's India is probably the only platform in India that offers students, educators and educationists a unique opportunity to interact and exchange ideas with professionals, industry leaders and their respective peers in educational institutions outside of India within an integrated and focused programme framework.

Tomorrow's India will offer students a unique opportunity to exchange and collaborate into the various areas of academics. It gives them the necessary exposure where they get to pitch their ideas to the business community, understand various academic challenges, discover entrepreneurship, learn newer methodologies, explore new curriculums, as well as, interact with students from other countries.

Comprising participation in business activities as well as visits to educational institutions, Tomorrow's India offers students, educators and educationists from India's institutes of higher learning the following opportunities:

  • Networking, interaction and dialogue sessions with industry leaders from both India and abroad.
  • Lectures, joint-projects and site visits with corresponding educational institutions from around the world.
  • Industry insights into business, funding and collaborative opportunities outside of India.
  • Opportunities for students to present or pitch ideas to industry experts.
  • Discover the opportunities for internships and exchange programmes for students, professionals and institutions.

Aside from participation in the business programme that will offer students direct access to the industry, delegates from the education sector coming on aboard Tomorrow's India can look forward to visits and engagement with their counterparts in some of the top institutions in Singapore which are known for their globalization and business programmes.

For Singapore, Tomorrow's India will have its focus on disciplines which are highly relevant to India's fast growing industry: Bio-medical Sciences, Engineering, Urban Planning & Development, Marketing & Branding and Entrepreneurship.

Tomorrow's India will also allow educators and educationists insights into the varied pedagogical techniques employed by the different institutions of higher learning in Singapore. With India's current focus on building smart cities, of particular interest in the programme would be the focus on Urban Planning as well as a focus on E-learning strategies.


  • Networking & interaction with industry leaders.
  • Site-visits & joint-projects with leading educational institutes.
  • opportunities for students to pitch-in their ideas.
  • Industry insights into funding & collaborations outside india.
Why should you be there
  • Tomorrow's India provides a unique opportunity for students to pitch their ideas to professionals and industry experts. This is platform offers students a change to step into the industry even before they graduate.
  • Tomorrow's India is a rare opportunity for students to interact and learn from professionals and industry experts within an intensive time frame.
  • For educators and educationists, Tomorrow's India presents the latest pedagogical strategies employed by leading academic institutions from around the world.
  • Tomorrow's India provides the platform to engender new collaborations between Indian and institutes of high learning from around the world resulting in the creation of new learning opportunities and teaching strategies.
  • Students from institutes of higher learning.
  • Educators, Faculty and scholars from premier institutes of higher learning and related training institutions.
  • Human Resource and Management consultants.

In partnership with institutions such as Nanyang Technological Univeristy, Temasek Polytechnic and Singapore Institute of Management, National University of Singapore, Tomorrow's India promises:

  • Joint Project work.
  • Campus visits.
  • Lectures.